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161 West Harrison Street, Ground Floor (C-102), Chicago, Illinois 60605 (312-704-8000) Free Consultations with our attorneys on the First Saturday of each month
from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Free Consultations – Conditions

Free Consultations – Conditions

Our consultation fees typically range from $75 – $150 for cases in which there are no previous orders of removal. Therefore, if you do not qualify for a free consultation, you may still obtain our professional advice for a reasonable fee.

Free consultations are given on the following conditions:

(1) It is within 30 days of receiving an adverse decision from the Immigration Court or Board of Immigration Appeals and you wish to speak to us concerning representing you on appeal, OR

(2) You have either been recently detained by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“USICE”) or have a pending Immigration Court case. A “pending Immigration Court case” means that a “Notice to Appear” has been issued to you requiring your appearance in the Immigration Court in Chicago, located at 525 W. Van Buren Street, Suite 500, Chicago, Illinois 60607, AND

(3) One of the following apply:

(a) You are presently a legal permanent resident (“Green Card” holder) or, if you entered the United States illegally, you have been here longer than 10 years, have a U.S. citizen spouse and/or children, and do not have any serious criminal convictions OR

(b) You entered the United States legally and wish to obtain legal permanent residency (“adjustment of status”) on the basis of an approved petition from a family member or marriage to a United States citizen OR

(c) You were placed in proceedings based upon a denied Petition to Remove Conditions on Legal Permanent Residence (I-751); OR

(d) You are from a country from which persons have been able to claim asylum, e.g., Iran, Korea, Egypt, former Soviet bloc countries, and wish to pursue asylum or withholding of removal.

Please also note that if you are presently represented by another attorney and you are seeking a “second opinion” from us, we will need to charge a reasonable consultation fee to review your case.