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Immigration Consequences of Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”)

Driving under the influence of alcohol (“DUI”) convictions have varying degrees of severity for the non-citizen, depending upon the non-citizen’s status in the United States. There are four categories of non-citizens for purposes of considering the effects of a DUI conviction. This article will discuss the consequences, first, for someone here who entered without inspection, [Read More]

Victory at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

On April 1, 2015, the attorneys at Chicago Immigration Advocates obtained a ruling from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals reversing the Board of Immigration Appeals (“Board”) and ordering that the Board review the case again in light of the errors committed by the Respondent’s previous two attorneys. Tie Xia Chen v. Holder, 782 F.3d [Read More]

The Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”) in Matter of Abdelghany (February 28, 2014) Expands Application of §212(c) Waivers to a Greater Scope of “Aggravated Felonies”.

Prior to April 24, 1996, the Immigration and Nationality Act (“INA”) provided a §212(c) waiver for certain serious criminal convictions known under the INA as “aggravated felonies.” This date is significant because Congress passed substantial changes to the INA at that time, including replacing the §212(c) waiver with “cancellation of removal,” a more restrictive form [Read More]

Deportation/Removal General

If you were found to have violated an immigration law or a criminal law, it will subject you to being placed in deportation proceedings.